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John Force 

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  • Actual Patient of Dr. Prasher

T Letourneau

1 review

a year ago

Dr. Prasher is a fantastic dentist! Not only is he a wonderful person, but he is also a great dentist. His level of patient care of extraordinary! He always follows up and is very thorough with his work. He has helped me with emergency situations and complicated dental work. My husband, my children and I all love going to the dentist because of him. I would give him more than 5 stars if I could.

B Butterfield

2 reviews

a year ago-

Let me first say the 15 mile drive is beyond worth drive. Dr Prasher is the best for many reasons. When Dr Prasher took over the practice he brought something different here. To sum it up I completely trust him with my dental care. Many dentists will try max out your benefits when you walk through door and tell you how this and that is not covered. Not Dr. Prasher. The most ethical dentist I have come across. If you just need a cleaning that is what he does. If you need a root canal that is what he does. If you need a bridge that is what he does and will give you options. Bottom line is he will not up sell you which is very important to me and my family. I have recommended him to family, friends, and the community. Again well worth a short commute. Plus he will personally get to know you and your family. From appointment to appointment we will always pick up where we left off. 5 star for getting to know me and my family. Dr. Prasher rocks! Ultimately come see Dr. Prasher. You will not be disappointed.

M Ruiz

1 review

a year ago-

My review here is based on years of attending Angel Ranch Dental, both with the old doctor there, who was just another dentist in my opinion, and the new Dr. Prasher, who more or less transformed both my experience and the experiences' of my family members that also attend Angel Ranch.
The main vibe I get from Dr. Prasher is that he is a good guy. He's still the only doctor I see who remembers not just the names but also the back-stories of me and my family. An example: my mom will come back from a visit there saying "Dr. Prasher was asking about how you were doing in school, so I told him...". Another thing about DR. Prasher is that he is very talkative, but in the good way. He talks about your experiences and his own life experiences and tries his best to build a connection with the patient, which is more than I can say about most all other doctors I have seen. I never would have said this about the previous dentist their (don't even remember his name) which is why I feel Dr. Prasher transformed my family's impression of Angel Ranch Dental for the better

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